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Thread: Mayonaka Midnight Forum Rules

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    Mayonaka Midnight Forum Rules

    UPDATE: Added a new rule for necro bumping/duplicate threads. Make sure you read the revised rules.

    Hey everyone, Trig here. It's come to my attention that this site so far has had no period. So I decided I should probably make them as a point of reference. Since this site is for a game based on another game that has swearing and adult material, I'm gonna be a little lenient on some things. Anyway...


    1) Show respect for others, members on this forum, guests, people from other forums, etc;. Friendly jabbing is fine but if they don't like it and want you to stop, then please stop. Failure to do so will result in trolling by yours truly followed by banning

    2) Do not post any pornographic or work unsafe material (like large amounts of gore, nudity, etc; ) as well as no offensive material. The exception being pre-approved threads clearly marked NWS (Not Work Safe) threads, such as for fanart, but still do not post IMG ([ IMG] [/ IMG]) links or upload attachments even in these threads. I love NWS things too, but I don't want to see them directly posted here. Also keep said links in the spoiler code.

    3) Profanity is accepted, but try and keep it limited and keep it under control. No excessive usage of it basically

    4) Please try and have your posts with substance (unless it's in small conversations or in place like off topic). 10 character limits exist for a reason. Also, please do not double post unless there is a really good reason (such as a character guide or your own graphic shop or w/e). If you need to say something else, please just edit your previous post.

    5) Please keep on topic, both in the thread as well as the sub forum the threads are in. Some small off topic posting is fine (and I do mean very small), but don't derail the topic with things that should go in other places such as the spam bin or general discussion. Ties in with make your posts have substance.

    6) Do not post or advertise anything illegal such as game ISOs. Please keep it privately in the comfort of your IM chat rooms and not here, I'd like not to get in trouble with companies for spreading there products illegally in public.

    7) Do not abuse features such as tags (do we even have a tagging system atm....well if we do, don't abuse it). These things are there for convenience of posting, not to play around with.

    8) Don't advertise to other sites or forums if they're conflict with ours. As of now no forum really conflicts with ours so this is more a warning for if another forum does pop up. I'm ok with you posting even places like Dustloop, after all everyone here probably checks it out anyway.

    9) Please report any spam and/or bots you might see. Do NOT respond to them as that only makes matters worse.

    10) Please search and make sure the topic you're posting doesn't already exist. We only need one of each specific thing.

    11) Causing excessive amounts of drama and being a whiny complaining ***** will result in banning. No one wants to hear/see it irl, and we don't want to see it here. Go see therapy or something if you get banned for this.

    12) The site staff is there to help you out and keep order. They're here to help you guys out, as are we. Please treat them with respect just like you would any other member. On the note of site staff, don't ask to be one, because then you'll never be one unless you prove darn well otherwise. You may freely nominate other members you think would make a good moderator but please give good reasons why. Being helpful and well behaved will also increase your chances.

    13) One account per customer. If your account was banned, don't make an alt account and just wait out your sentence patiently. If you were perma banned, well then we quite frankly have a good reason for not wanting you around so suck it up and leave and move on with your life.

    14) Any warning will result in one infraction point. Get 3 and you will be banned for 5 days. Get banned in a 2 month period from then and you're gone. Period. Might seem harsh but anyone who gets that many infractions and bans that fast is probably a troll anyway. Certain actions, such as posting illegal or pornographic material, as well as making the forums a worse place by the sole reason that you're around (excessive trolling and profanity, lots of off topic derailing, showing no respect to staff and members, etc; ) will result in an instant ban. Infractions will expire in 2 weeks from receiving one unless you receive another one, in which case the timer will be reset.

    15) The issue of necro bumping and duplicate threads. I'm going to make this simple
    --A: All discussion and information threads in the P4U section, as well as News and Announcements will ALLOW necro bumping and will NOT allow duplicate threads. Should the original thread creator disappear and/or not updating these threads as needed, then please message the sections moderator or a global mod or one of us admins and we'll transfer the thread over.
    --B: Any other thread in every other section of the forum will NOT allow necro bumping and will ALLOW duplicate threads. A duplicate thread will only be allowed 2 month after the last post in the thread. Once a duplicate is made, the old thread will be locked and archived. If the thread is not considered dead, the duplicate thread will be deleted and/or merged into the original thread.

    16) Only post in the news forum if you have NEWS. Take all discussion to the discussion forum.

    17) When you are quoting a post that has an image in it, please REMOVE the [IMG] [/IMG] tags. It just looks sloppy having images in a quoted post


    1) The Delete function should only be used for ORGANIZATIONAL purposes. If a thread is an informative thread and posts are a hindrance to organization or readability, you are welcome to delete them. In general, do not delete posts in discussion threads unless there is a serious problem (like pornography, links to illegal downloads, etc).

    2) Similar as above, only delete threads if they are a serious problem or are made by Spambots. If a thread is offtopic, you can move it elsewhere. If a thread is done or pointless, you should just lock it and let it go.

    3) If you delete someone's posts/thread, lock a thread, or do other similar actions, make sure the receiving person knows WHY that was done. PM them, or post in the thread, whatever works. Please also always fill in the 'reason' field even if it's just a brief 1 word explanation.

    4) Stupid posts by stupid players should be corrected at minimum. Players who are repeatedly stupid can have their posts deleted or put up for a ban.

    Super Mods

    1) Only hard-delete posts that really deserve it, like spam. Posts that are questionable should stay soft-deleted.

    2) Bans are only to be handed out in serious situations and only after discussed with the rest of the mod team. Only exceptions are obvious spambots or any malicious users (people who post viruses, etc).

    Infractions and Banning

    Infractions are given on a rule to rule basis. Generally most little things will result in only one infraction. There are however exceptions.

    Infraction- General rule breaking, such as off topic posting or necro bumping/duplicate threads in wrong areas.
    Auto Ban- Harassing the users and/or community even after being told to stop will reward an auto ban. Continuous spamming will also result in an auto ban.
    Perma Ban- Reserved for being an elitist ass hat who I want to have no part of this community and who the fighting game community would be better off without. Also reserved for pornographic material and illegal pirating and any malware/virus content.

    If you receive 3 infractions you will be banned for 5 days. If you receive 6 infractions total, you will be perma banned, as well as have your IP address banned. An infraction lasts 14 days or 2 weeks. However if you receive another infraction, that time will reset and be extended if the previous infraction hasn't run out. This continues even after the first level ban and won't end until either the time frame for all the infractions expires or you're permanently banned from the site.

    And DONE. Sorry if some of these sound like I'm being a jerk, I just figure your more likely to adhere to the rules if I play the part of the bad admin and not the good admin (like bad cop good cop). I <3 you guys until proven annoying, so just behave as best you can and we won't have any problems and no need for these rules =). Also Ty to DL for the mod rules
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    The rules have been updated. Please take the time to reacquaint yourselves with them

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    The forum rules have been updated again. Please reacquaint yourselves with them

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