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Thread: [v1.02] Chie Satonaka - Combo Thread "Still Doing Bunny Hops"

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    [v1.02] Chie Satonaka - Combo Thread "Still Doing Bunny Hops"

    This thread aims to document the most effective ways of converting individual hits in to knockdowns or damage depending on the resources available to the Chie player.

    Midscreen (Knockdown Combos)

    (j.BB/2A) 5AA 5B 2B 2AB
    (j.BB) 5AAA 236B 5A 5B 2B 2AB (Requires crouching and a very close spacing, builds a lot of meter/some burst gauge)
    5AB~C(FC) j.D land, dash 5B 5C 5AB
    5C(CH) dash 5AA 5B 2B 2AB

    2B j.C dj.BB j.8D 5AB (Reliable, Anti-Air 2B)
    j.AB dj.BB j8D 5AB (Reliable Air-to-Air)
    j.B(CH) 5B 5C j.C dj.BB j.8D 5AB (Optimal Air-to-Air)
    j.B(CH) 5B 5C 236B 5B j.BB j.8D 5AB (More Corner Carry)

    Corner (Knockdown Combos)
    (j.BB/2A) 5AA 5B 5C 2B 2C 5B 2AB
    (j.BB) 5A 5B 5C 236A~236A 5B 5C 5AB (Will not combo off of 2A)
    (j.BB/2A) 5B 5C 2B 2C 236B 5A 5B 5C 2B 2C 5B 2AB (Requires Crouching)
    5AB~D(FC) 5B 5C 2D j.D 5AB
    5BD(CH) 5B j.C j.8D 5AB

    Midscreen (Damaging Combos)
    (j.BB/2A) 5B 5C 2B 236A~236A 236236A dash 5C 236B 236B 214C 236236D (This can also end in a 236D after the B Skullcracker if you don't have 100 meter to burn)

    (After j.8D, see above)
    236B~236B 214C 236236D (This replaces any of the 5AB knockdowns listed above)

    Corner (Damaging Combos)
    (j.BB/2A) 5B 5C 2B 236A~236A 5B 5C 236B~236B 5B 5C 214C 236236D (after the first skullcracker the 5B/5C/236B needs to be delayed a little bit or your second skullcracker will whiff.)

    NOTE: This is unfinished, currently in progress.
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