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Thread: P4U 1.02 Patch Notes

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    P4U 1.02 Patch Notes

    So simple enough, just an on site resource people can look at to see all the translation notes.

    + Buff
    - Nerf
    = Neutral
    ? Unknown

    System Changes

    Pound Combo [5A repeatedly]: At the end of the match, the third hit of a renda combo will no longer grant a burst increase bonus
    Skill Boost [EX]:Limits SP gauge increase, builds meter when used
    Fear state: Can no longer throw escape while in Fear state.
    Max Burst: Burst Gauge consumption changed from 68%→67% when used
    SP-consuming techniques: When a SP-consuming move is used as the first hit of a combo, the SP gauge increase limit continues during the combo
    Mini-jump: Cannot cancel with Skills, etc. during the beginning of a mini-jump

    Character Changes

    Yu Narukami

    + j.2A: Added a P Combo (chain combo) route to Jump D
    + j.D: Yu’s descent timing is faster
    - 2B: Hitbox has been adjusted; recovery time is increased slightly
    ? Ziodyne [236236C or D] (D version): Screen freeze timing is now the same as the C version; freeze time is increased

    Yosuke Hanamura

    ? 5A: Hittable box has been adjusted
    ? 2A: Hittable box has been adjusted
    - Sweep [2A+B]: Recovery time has been increased
    + (During Sukukaja) 5B, 5C, 2C, j.C: Can now be jump-cancelled

    Chie Satonaka

    - 5B: Fatal Counter property removed
    - Skull Cracker [During Rampage, 236A or B] (SB version): Pushback on the second hit is larger
    + All Skills and SP Skills: All are Fatal Counter moves during Charge
    + Hyper Counter [B+D, Air OK]: The attack damage boost during Charge applies
    ? God Hand [236236C or D]: The scaling on the first hit has been strengthened.
    - God Hand [236236C or D]: Chie incurs counter-hit state until the end of the move

    Yukiko Amagi

    ? 2B: Total number of frames reduced
    + Pound Combo, 2nd hit: Start-up speed is faster
    ? Maragi [236C or D] (SB version): The attack start-up and Persona recovery time are now the same as the D version

    Kanji Tatsumi

    + 5B: On ground hit and on guard, there is no pushback; pulls the opponent closer on counter-hit
    + j.A: Hitbox has been strengthened
    + Ground throw: Easier to use during dash inertia; damage increased
    - Shuddap! [B+D]: Attack active frames decreased; recovery time increased
    = Gotcha! [236C or D] (C version): Faces the opponent when done while crossing over
    + Gotcha! [236C or D] (D version): Persona is invincible during standby
    + Tatsumi-Style Peacemaking[236236A or B]: The falling chair after the attack builds SP Gauge on hit or on guard

    Kuma (Teddie)

    = All D attacks (Dr. Pepper NEO): SP build amount is doubled
    + All D attacks (Denden Taiko): Now increases SP Gauge on hit or guard (originally did not)
    - All D attacks (Mystery Food X): No longer builds SP

    Naoto Shirogane

    = Fate Counter: At the beginning of the round, recovery speed is increased
    ? Shield of Justice [B+D]: When catching an attack, the hit stop forced on the opponent is based on the respective move’s hitstop.
    + Megido [214C or D] (C version): Untechable time greatly increased.
    - Megido [214C or D] (C version): Same-attack scaling is strengthened
    - Megido [214C or D] (D Version): Guard stun slightly decreased; bug which caused the explosion part of the move to disappear until it hit the opponent is fixed
    + Rifle: Rank 1[236236A, Air OK]: Length of the silence effect on hit is increased
    + Rifle: Rank 2[236236B, Air OK]: Length of the fear effect on hit is increased
    + Hamaon, Mudoon [236236C/D]: When the Unmei Counter is at 0, the opponent does not build Burst gauge on hit; when the Unmei Counter is at 0, The time count stops on hit

    Mitsuru Kirijo

    + 2B: Invincibility against jump attacks starts up faster
    + 2D: Hitbox size is increased
    - j.A: Hittable box has been adjusted; untechable time on counter-hit has been decreased
    - Coup Droit [[4]6A or B] (A version): Mitsuru incurs counter-hit damage until the end of the move
    + Setsuna Samidare Geki [236236A or B]: Attack start-up speed is faster
    ? Bufudyne [236236C or D]: Hitbox has been adjusted
    + Mabufudyne [214214C or D]: The delayed start-up frames when the Persona is off-screen have been decreased; the range where the Persona will not warp is wider

    Akihiko Sanada

    - Infinite Block String has been removed
    - 5B: Same-attack scaling has been increased slightly
    - j.B: Same-attack scaling has been increased slightly
    - j.C: Recovery time and landing recovery have been increased.
    + j.C: The air reset on counter-hit is higher (larger ground bounce on CH basically)
    + All D attacks: Pull airborne opponents closer
    - Weaving [214C or D; (After Kill Rush) 4C or D] (C version): Lv0 Corkscrew and other follow-up attacks will not come out
    + Sweep [2A+B] after follow-up to all Skills: Start-up is faster, now low state from the beginning of the move
    + Thunder Fist [236236C or D]: Causes paralysis when blocked
    + Earth Breaker [222C+D]: Pulls in airborne opponents


    + Mode Change [22A or B] (B Version): When cancelling Orgia mode, the Orgia gauge builds slightly
    + Great Shield of the Goddess [236236C or D] (C Version): Aigis’s pushbox has been removed during the forward charge
    - Isan Kaihou Heiki Palladion [222C+D]: Instant Kill Technique can longer be used in a combo


    = Icon: Icon position has been adjusted
    + Agidyne [214C or D] (C, D version): Elizabeth’s recovery time is shorter
    + Memento Mori [214214C or D]: Lowest guaranteed damage is now 50%


    = Icon: Icon position has been adjusted
    - Axe Level: Axe Level does not increase at the end of a round
    + Goshiki Slash Axe [B+D]: Can now be charged by holding B+D before the attack; at maximum charge, the move forces counter-hit , causes a wall bound
    + Guillotine Axe [214A or B]: Counter hit state during recovery has been removed
    + String Arts "Tsurugi" [22A or B or C or D] (B, C, D version): Labrys’s total recovery is now the same as the A version
    + String Arts "Moujuu" [214214C or D]: Attack start-up is faster

    Shadow Labrys

    + Guillotine Axe [214A or B]: Counter hit state during recovery has been removed
    + Goshiki Slash Axe [B+D]: Attack start-up is faster
    + Brutal Impact [214214A or B] (A Version): Attack start-up is faster; recovery time is shorter

    And done, I'll update this later with the correct terms of certain moves later, any comments regarding why certain things are a buff, nerf or neutral should be kept to the update discussion thread, as well as any clarification on ? notes or corrections.
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