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Thread: Persona 3 vs Persona 4 Discussion.

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    I will grant you that. If there's one failing of P4, it's that the ending sort of comes out of nowhere. I'm fine with a late game reveal, as long as it has a murder mystery moment of "Aha! Now it all adds up!" rather than "Wait, what?"

    With Nyx, however, you get a month or two to just stew and wait for her coming, and they spend that time basically driving home that Nyx is a universal constant, in a way, and is not just an entity that can be defeated. And in the end you don't defeat her, you just keep her locked away, and even that carries a pretty nasty price. Persona 3 ends better, sure, although I still prefer P4 as a whole.
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    *Looks through posts*Some good points about both games. We'll either like Game A or Game B... however, does that really matter? As long as the game is to one's liking, then great.
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    I'm jealous of all the attention P4 gets

    Musicals, animes.

    Why doesn't P3 get that?

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    Cos Persona Trinity Soul was awful. I would like to see a proper P3 anime though.

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    K, so I'll start off by saying I think both games are amazing in their own respects. I think they're pretty close. Played P4 and played some of FES and watched my bro play the rest of it. So I think I sorta count?

    P3 had:

    + Three of my favorite characters from the SMT series (Akihiko, Mitsuru, Shinji). I also liked Ken, FeMC, MC, Theodore and Elizabeth.
    + Regular battle was ALOT better than P4's. Say what you will, but I thought Mass Destruction was more appropriate to P3 than Reach out to the Truth was for P4. Hell, Reach out to the Truth didn't even sound like a battle song. Hated the first few times I heard it.
    + The Reaper, man. I loved the Reaper. I also loved Tartarus.
    + Plot was much better than P4. It kicked off much better than P4 (seriously, running around yelling "I HAVE TO PEE" and Chie also running around instead of looking for a bathroom? The hell.)
    + P3P had Theodore and FeMC. I really liked the idea of playing as a girl and dating Akihiko, Ken, or Shinji. Never played, though but still sounds great.
    + Battles were really hard. That's actually good for me. I don't like drawn out ones though (NYX!!!).
    + Actually, I liked the soundtrack in general more than P4.

    - P3 also has one of the most annoying characters. Yukari was a bitch and Fuuka was just there. Yukari gets a special mention as one of my least favorite characters in P3. I also didn't like Aigis at all. I know she's vital to the plot but really... Personally, I liked P3 before they met Aigis. :/
    - ... I really like controlling my other members, guize. I'm pretty spoiled. ;_;
    - The tired thing also bother me a bit. If I want to grind in a dungeon for like 90+ hours, that's my business. Don't make my team members ditch me. Of course, at least they don't ditch on the last possible day to grind before the bosses.
    - THE ANSWER. Oh geez, everyone was pretty OoC except for maybe Koro and Junpei. I hated it. Not because Aigis was the main character (which is annoying in it's own right) but because of how everyone was acting. Metis was the only good thing about The Answer.
    - Some of the dub voices were really hit or miss. Some were good, some were bad, some where okay and others were Fuuka.

    Annnnd P4:

    + Face your True self. Oh god, that song. I thought it was a perfect boss song. I also liked certain songs too, like Heaven, Smile, and Your Affection.
    + I actually liked the cast in general than I did for P3. I didn't hate anyone. Nanako and Margret get a special mention for being amazing and Yosuke for being a mixed bag at times. Sometimes I love him, other times he's a total prick.
    + Dub was glorious. Teddie is WAAAAY more acceptable in the English dub, as is Rise. I can't stand either of them in Japanese. Rise sounds forced and Teddie's voice sounds weird. Everyone's voice fit except for MAYBE Naoto's who sounded a bit too much like a girl. Hell, the small localization changes were great. Twilight joke, Junes jingle, Teddie's puns, list goes on.
    + Weather thing was cool. Made me plan stuff out. Also, I can fuck up on my Max Social link run and I'm still good. P3 was unforgiving. D:
    + The atmosphere really felt like a warm, rural town. Feels good, man. :3
    + I liked certain social links, like the Hermit and Empress. Also, I have a reason for caring about my other party member's social links.
    + Fishing reminded me of Dark Cloud 2. ;w;
    + Party member control!!!!!!
    - I didn't like how the plot advanced. Like I have no real guess of when the fog will come around by looking at the calender other than "Lots of rain!!!". Maybe it's because I was using a Max Social link walkthrough and had no problem with the date but I dunno. I'd like to know exactly how many days I have without consulting the internet. P3 marked the number of days before the next full moon. :I
    - More plot stuff. SCOOBY GANG. I couldn't take the investigation team seriously. Just... no. No, no, no. The whole thing was silly. Also, once you know who the murderer is, the game is almost completely spoiled for you. It seems like less fun. :I
    - Sometimes, I think this game gets too much attention. Like an animu and vidya. P3 only gets remakes. Not really this game's fault but come on. ;_;
    - Didn't care for the dungeons so much. In fact, they're really whatever imo. Except for maybe Heaven.
    - Reaper was stuck in a box just derping it. WHY.
    - The premise of the game was less likable than P3. In P3, you're saving people (and the world) from getting mindcrushed by shadows. In P4, you're jumping in TVs to beat up on monsters and find out whodunit.
    - (slightly off topic) P4: Golden has nothing worth getting. Especially not Marie, she looks like someone who belongs in either a fanfic or P3. Take your pick.
    - Some questions were never really answered. Like who the hell is Teddie? We know he's a shadow but why is he so special? ;_;
    - Some people acted pretty stupid at times. Dojima, you left Nanako at home by herself. Come on, you're nephew just got a threatening letter! Also, the SCOOBY GANG would sorta sit around and be all like "oh noes, they're going to deny themselves. Not again.". Try to actually do something other than watch (Rise's shadow comes to mind). :I
    - Said this already but I'll say it again. This game was kicked off by a stupid action. An Idiot Plot. I don't like Idiot Plots at all.

    Personally, I like P3 more even with Yukari. But that's just me.

    Quote Originally Posted by diorJETS View Post
    When it first came out characters like Kanji was praised because of his ambiguous sexuality and Naoto for being a reverse trap... yeah, but what the hell else did they have going for them?
    They had Nanako. ;_;
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    You dislike Aigis....

    *Sees in sig that you play Rachel in BB*

    I forgive you.

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    Okay....I'll give you guys the short version.



    -Fun and made me challenge myself
    -Epic music
    -Likable characters(Junpei, Mitsuru, and Aigis all day)
    -Great music
    -Lots of stuff to do
    -At the time a different way to play an RPG
    -Godlike psp remake
    -The Answer really clear up some of the ending for me. I also like how Metis was added to the story. Aigis being main character was cool too.
    - Very interesting story. A "different" take on the save the world storyline.
    -Good voice acting
    -Found fighting my own teammates a nice touch.
    -S.Link felt like stories within themselves.


    -Not really funny
    - A lot of bs fights( lovers....and that damn charm.)
    -Found it kind of stupid, even though you can beat stuff by yourself. That you couldn't control your mates.
    -Yukari is kind of a bitch
    -Ken was kind of useless
    -Dog was too.
    -Setra or whatever they was called was cool, but didn't add to the story.
    -Very mature cast


    -Funny...I mean really funny. The jokes were funny.
    -Everyone was worth caring about. Even Kanji for that matter.
    - Good music
    -Great voice acting once again
    -Solid S.links
    -A strange storyline that is executed well. You can't guess this one guys.
    -A lot easier
    -Controlling my teammates
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX-A2F6QKwQ
    -younger cast of characters. I love the youth.


    -Not as serious
    -Bad ending is kind of lame
    -Mini bosses were a little too easy
    - Some of the S.links like the basketball one were throw away

    Overall, P4 made me feel more at home than P3. I laugh at P4. I kind of almost cried in P3. I give it to P4 because they gave me mroe humor.

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    My thoughts are that you will only prefer a certain game depending on your taste in stories and atmosphere.
    For instance, if you prefer a very dramtic and dark story with only a little bit of humor, you would go for P3
    If you prefer a more light hearted stroy that had a lot humor and a little bit of drama then you would go with P4

    I for one enjoyed P3 a little more for this as I thought the story was a bit cooler. That being said, not a lot of RPGs go to the tune of a detective novel, so I liked that about P4 as well.

    In the end, they are both great and much better then Persona 1.

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    I like them about the same but for different reasons.Mainly I love both games for there meanings, three made me think of idea of death and persona 4 made me think about if i ever lied to myself as well as see if i was more than one side of a coin.

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    Persona 4 > Persona 3

    Not going into huge detail

    -Liked the characters more
    -Story actually began straight away unlike in Persona 3 where nothing of importance happens until you meet Aigis
    -Better dungeons
    -The bosses were relatively challenging unlike in Persona 3 where debuffing the enemy pretty much guaranteed you a win

    Persona 3 had better music though. And people dislike Yukari? Really? She was one of the better characters. She had more brains than Junpei and at least had some personality unlike Mitsuru.
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