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    P4A - Gameplay Primer

    1. Introduction
    2. HUD
    3. Controls
    4. Normals & Guards
    5. Movement
    6. Cooperation System
    7. Attack System
    8. Command System
    9. Defense System
    10. State System
    11. Status Ailments
    12. Other Systems
    13. Character Specific Systems

    With the game out in the arcades and not far from coming out to console we wanted to bring to everyone a proper gameplay primer. All the information shown is translated from the official Japanese ArcSystemWorks game site, Japanese Wiki, and the Japanese BBS. All information is subject to change from patches as the game continues on.

    Special thanks everyone who assisted in this project. I couldn't of done it without you all.

    Playable Roster

    Persona 3
    Aigis [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Akihiko Sanada [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Mitsuru Kirijo [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Elizabeth [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Labrys [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Shadow Labrys [Data Thread DL / MM]

    Persona 4
    Yu Narukami [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Yosuke Hanamura [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Chie Satonaka [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Kanji Tatsumi [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Yukiko Amagi [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Teddie [Data Thread DL / MM]
    Naoto Shirogane [Data Thread DL / MM]

    HP Gauge (HPゲージ)
    Yellow bar that displays the characters' available health. It decreases when damage is received. Red displays the amount of health removed from the recent attack.
    When blue appears in the Life Gauge, it indicates health loss during chip damage or used during an [R Action] or a [SP Skill] that removed a percentage of the user's health. The blue section means that health is temporarily removed and will slowly recover over time, becoming yellow progressively, but if the player receives a hit when blue is present in the gauge, that temporary health will disappear permanently.

    SP Gauge (SPゲージ)
    Blue bar with numerical indicator that indicates how much SP a character has available. SP is gained when a character inflicts or sustains damage. SP is used to perform special attacks such as [Skill Boost] and [SP Skills]. Each character starts the round with this gauge completely empty and the maximum amount this gauge can reach is 100. After [Awakening] is achieved, however, the maximum amount for this gauge increases to 150 SP. Gauge turns red to signify [Awakening].

    Burst Gauge (バーストゲージ)
    Gauge for using the various kind of [Bursts]. A [Burst] can be used when the word is lit. After it is used, it appears as a black "B" on screen. Any increase to the [SP Gauge] fills this "B" progressively, and when it is full the [Burst Gauge] indicator is recovered.
    Example of the [Burst Gauge] when it can't be used while in [Silence] status effect or in [Persona Break]

    Persona Gauge (ペルソナゲージ)
    This is the gauge directly below the [HP Gauge]. It represents the Personas' health and is composed of four stocks. One stock is emptied when either a character or their Persona receives damage while the Persona is still on the screen. Once it is empty, the characters enter [Persona Break] and are unable to use their Persona, meaning [Skills] and [SP Skills] that require the Persona are disabled, or [Burst] moves. [Persona Break] is demonstrated by a grayed out Persona portrait with a black background next to the character portrait.

    Time Counter (タイムカウソト)
    Displays the remaining time. When the counter reaches 00 the round is finished. The player with the most [HP Gauge] remiaining when the [Time Counter] reaches 00 wins the round.

    Round Icon (ラウンドアイコソ)
    Is the number of round victories. Filling all the icons on your side of the screen from round wins will result in winning the match.

    Control Layout (コントローラーの見れ (操作れ法))

    Button Weak Attack (弱攻撃)
    Button Strong Attack (強攻撃)
    Button Weak Persona (弱ペルソナ)
    Button Strong Persona (強ペルソナ)
    Displayed layout is showing 1P side (left side of the screen). If playing on 2P side (right side of the screen) the movement controls would be reversed.
    The button layout will vary by controller settings set by the player.

    System Map (システムマップ)

    Weak Attack (弱攻撃)
    • [ button]
    • Character does a quick attack.
    Strong Attack (強攻撃)
    • [ button]
    • Character does a slower attack but is stronger.
    Weak Persona (弱ペルソナ)
    • [ button]
    • Persona does a weak attack.
    Strong Persona (強ペルソナ)
    • [ button]
    • Persona does a strong attack.
    Standing Guard (立ちガード)
    • [Press during the start of a opponents attack]
    • Won't protect you from low hitting attacks.
    Crouching Guard (しゃがみガード)
    • [Press during the start of a opponent's low or mid hitting attack]
    • Won't protect you from high hitting attacks.
    Air Guard (空中ガード)
    • [Press while jumping during the start of a opponents attack]
    • Will protect you from all attacks except for ones that are air unblockable.

    Walking (歩き・後退)
    • [ or directions]
    • Walk forward or back. Walk speed is character specific.
    Crouching (しゃがみ)
    • [, , directions]
    • Crouch low to the ground.
    Dash (ダッシュ)
    • [Quickly press ]
    • Moves the character forward quickly. Hold the second to continue to dash.
    Back Step (バックステップ)
    • [Quickly press ]
    • Quickly move backwards.
    Air Dash / Air Back Dash (空中ダッシュ/空気バックダッシュ)
    • [While in the air quickly press or ]
    • Moves the character quickly in the air.
    • Can not [Air Jump] after using this.

    Jump (ジャンプ)
    • [, , directions]
    • Character jumps upwards.
    Air Jump (空中ジャンプ)
    • [Do another [Jump] while in the air]
    • Characater jumps again in the air allowing for longer aerial combos.
    High Jump (ハイジャンプ)
    • [Quickly press ]
    • Allows you to [Jump] higher than normal.
    • [Air Dash] is possible afterwards ,however [Air Jump] can not be used after a [High Jump]

    Pound Combo (連打コンボ) (known as Auto Combo in NA/EU)
    • [Executed by repeatedly pressing the [] button while standing]
    • If the [SP Gauge] is more than 50%, the combo will finish with a [SP skill].
    • Even though it's a feature catered to newer players it still is a great tool for building [SP Gauge] and dishing out decent damage.

    P Combo (Pコンボ)
    • [Executed by pressing [ > > ] in order]
    • You can also connect the combo into other systems like [Skills], [SP Skills], [All-Out Attack], etc.

    R Action (逆ギレアクション) (known as Furious Action in NA/EU)
    • [Executed by pressing the [+] buttons together]
    • A universal dragon punch system, each having unique properties, varying from invincibility to armor.
    • Takes a percent amount of [HP Gauge] to perform that will be turned into blue health

    Throw (投げ)
    • [Executed by pressing the [+] buttons together]
    • The character will grab infront of them, and depending on which direction you press ( or ) will determine which direction the throw sends them. Front and back throws are the exact same though.
    • Throws can't be blocked like attacks would.
    • You can also grab in the air, and throw just like you would on the ground. Ground and Air throws are different from each other.
    Throw Escape (投げ抜け)
    • [While being grabbed, press [+] when the exclamation mark comes up to break the grab and escape being thrown]
    All-Out Attack (ボコスカアタック)
    • [Executed by pressing the [+] buttons together]
    • AOA is an overhead attack so it must be guarded high or in the air.
    • After hitting a grounded opponent you can continue into an [All-Out Rush]. Air hit will ground bounce them into the air which can be comboed off of.
    • AOA attacks possess armor that will absorb attacks that hit you.

    All-Out Rush (ボコスカラッシュ)
    • [After All-Out Attack, rapidly press the [/] buttons]
    • The more button presses you input, the more hits done in the rush up to 15 hits including the opening AOA overhead
    • Can go into an [All-Out Finish] at any time, but if you maximize the hits, the 16th hit all out finish will be an automatic [Fatal Counter].

    All-Out Finish (ボコスカフィニッシュ)
    • [During/After an All-Out Rush, press the or button]
    • finish will knock the opponent upwards, and holding up at this point will make you super jump into the air with them for an air combo opportunity.
    • finish will knock the opponent horizontally away from you, and if near the corner, will wall bounce on [Fatal Counter] allowing you to chain a further ground combo off your opponent.

    Sweep (足払い)
    • [Executed by pressing [+] together]
    • Sweeps are a low attack and must be blocked crouching.
    • The attack will knockdown if they hit but they can be combo'd off of.
    Guard Cancel (ガードキャンセル)
    • [Executed while guarding and pressing [+] and holding forward. Costs 50 SP]
    • Invincible counterattack that knocks the opponent away full screen.
    • Guard Cancels will not do any damage at all.
    One More Cancel (ワンモアキャンセル)
    • [Executed by pressing [++] during attack animations. Costs 50 SP]
    • One More Cancels will return your character to neutral during just about any move outside of cinematic moves and grabs, allowing you to make unsafe moves safe and combo in situations normally not possible.

    Skills (スキル)
    • [Enter a specific command]
    • For more information on specific moves, please visit the character forums for comprehensive movelists.
    • Special techniques to be used in and ending combos. The majority of [Skills] have weak and strong versions depending on the button pressed.
    Skill Boost (スキルブースト)
    • [Enter the move command just like using a normal [Skill], but press both attack buttons when doing it. Costs 25SP]
    • More powerful [Skills] that will enhance various properties of [Skills]. These can range from doing more damage, to being faster to even adding bad status effects to your opponent.
    • Your character will flash blue to signify you're using a [Skill Boost].
    SP Skills (SPスキル)
    • [While having at least 50 SP, input the command for these super skills]

    Awakening SP Skills (覚醒SPスキル)
    • [While having at least 50 SP and in [Awakening] state, input the command for your [Awakening SP Skill]]
    • [Awakening SP Skills] can only be used once your character has entered into [Awakening], otherwise the move can't be used even with the meter.

    Super Cancel (スーパーキャンセル)
    • [While using a [Skill], enter the command for a [SP Skill] to instantly cancel into the [SP Skill], allowing you to chain them together. Costs 50 SP]
    • [Super Cancel] will use a percentage of your max health to perform, which will turn into blue health.

    Mortal Blow (一撃必殺技) (known as Instant Kill in NA/EU)
    • [Executed by pressing [+]. Costs 100 SP]
    • Must be match point for you (if you win the round, you win the entire match).
    • Must be able to use your Persona. Can't be in [Silence] or [Persona Break].

    Quick Escape (クイックエスケープ) (known as Evasive Action in NA/EU)
    • [Executed by pressing [+] buttons together while in a neutral state]
    • Your character will move forward in an invincible dash that can go through attacks and projectiles.
    • If you are close enough to your opponent your character will actually cross through your opponent which will end you up on the other side of them.
    • While invincible in the beginning, they can be hit out of later in the move or grabbed.
    Mini Jump (ミニジャンプ) (known as Hop in NA/EU)
    • [Executed by pressing [+] while holding down]
    • Your character will jump up while only going about half the height they would from a normal jump.
    • Can be used to avoid ground throws and low attacks, or for applying pressure with very low jumping normals.
    Air Turn (空中振り向き)
    • [Executed by pressing [+] while in the air]
    • Your character will face the opposite direction from where he/she was facing originally.
    • You can still use any air options such as a [Air Jump] or [Air Dash] after turning around, as well as attack.
    • Can be used to use attacks to cross up in situations they normally wouldn't.
    • Needed to block attacks from the other direction, as the game will NOT auto air turn for you if your opponent crosses sides.
    Just Guard (直前ガード)
    • [Executed by tapping the block direction right when an attack hits]
    • Just Guarding shortens the block stun from attacks, giving you more of a frame advantage off attacks.
    • When successful your character will flash white.
    Air Ukemi (空中受け身)
    • [While in the air after the combo counter is empty, press any button to recover and return to a neutral state]
    • You can adjust the direction you'll recover by holding the corresponding direction (:n: : No direction, : Forward direction, : Backward direction).
    Ground Ukemi (跳ね起きあがり)
    • [Just before touching around after being combo'd in the the air, press any button to recover and return to neutral state quickly]
    Reversal Burst (リバーサルバースト)
    • [When the [Burst Gauge] is MAX, and blocking or taking damage, press [++] buttons together]
    • Consumes the [Burst Gauge], stops the opponent's attack, and send them far across the screen.
    • Can not be used when being hit by a [SP SKill] or [Throw].
    One More Burst (ワンモアバースト)
    • [When [Burst Gauge] is MAX, immediately after a attack, simultaneously press [++] buttons]
    • Consumes the [Burst Gauge] to cancel the recovery of a attack, and send a Paralysis wave blowing off the opponent. Producing a chance for a continuous attack.
    Max Burst (マックスバースト)
    • [When the [Burst Gauge] is MAX simultaneously press [++] buttons]
    • Consumes half of the [Burst Gauge], send a Paralysis wave blowing off the opponent, and restoring the [SP gauge] to the maximum value.

    Awakening (覚醒)
    • [Activates when [HP Gauge] becomes less than 35% and the character is in neutral]
    • The [SP Gauge] maximum value and the remaining amount is increased by 50.
    • In addition, the Defense value rises and the [Awakening SP Skill] will also become available.

    Persona Break (ペルソナブレイク)
    • [Activates when the [Persona Gauge] reaches 0]
    • You will not be able to use attacks that use the Persona for a certain period of time.

    Poison (毒)

    • [HP Gauge] will be gradually reduced.
    • Cancels after a certain period of time or if you hit the opponent with an attack.

    Confusion (混乱) (known as Panic in NA/EU)
    • [Controls] for movement will be reversed for left and right.
    • Cancels after a certain period of time or if you hit the opponent with an attack.

    Fear (恐怖)
    • Any following attack received will be a [Fatal Counter], and the damage will be increased.
    • You will not be able to tech throws.
    • Cancels after a certain period of time or if you hit the opponent with an attack.

    Silence (魔封)
    • You will not be able to use [System Attacks] and your [Persona].
    • Cancels after a certain period of time or if you hit the opponent with an attack.

    Enraged (激昂) (known as Rage in NA/EU)
    • Guard is no longer available, but your Attack Power will increase by a factor of 1.2.
    • Cancels after a certain period of time.

    Paralysis (感電) (known as Shock in NA/EU)
    • Restricted from normal movement.
    • [Quick Escape] or [Mini Jump] technique is available to move.
    • Cancels after a certain period of time or if you hit the opponent with an attack.

    Charm (魅了)
    • Your [SP Gauge] decreases and is gradually absorbed into your opponents [SP Gauge].
    • Cancels after a certain period of time or if you hit the opponent with an attack.

    Damage Sharpener (削りダメージ)
    • Some [Skills] turn some of the characters' [HP Gauge] into blue recoverable state to activate.
    • [Damage Sharpener] attacks can not be used if it puts the [HP Gauge] to 0.
    Freezing (氷結)
    • Freezing happens from receiving a hit from specific [Skills], incapacitating the character hit for a certain period of time.
    • By pressing and directions from side to side repeatedly you can shorten the time of being frozen.
    Counter Hit (カウンターヒット)
    • When a attack the hits the opponent during the start of their own attack a [Counter Hit] occurs increasing the hitstun and damage of the attack.
    • In addition, it'll change the effect of some attacks.
    Fatal Counter (フェイタルカウンター)
    • Each character has a particular attack/s that when [Counter Hit] will become a [Fatal Counter] instead.
    • Increases the hitstun of the attack to allow more followup options and longer combos.
    Offset (相殺)
    • When both characters attacks collide a [Offset] occurs allowing the attack to be canceled immediately into another attack.
    Negative Penalty (ネガティブペナルティ)
    • After repeated [Back Steps] and [Air Back Dashes], the effect [Negative Penalty] will activate, increasing the damage recieved.
    • Cancels after a certain period of time.

    Chie: Charge Level (チャージレベル)
    • [Chie Satonaka only]
    • The gauge represents the amount of time left for the [Charge Level].
    • [Charge Level] will change color depending on the level it is.

    Yosuke: Sukukaja Gauge (スクカジャゲージ)
    • [Yosuke Hanamura only]
    • Special Gauge for Yosuke.
    • After using the [Awakening SP Skill] [Sukukaja] a gauge will appear above Yosuke's [SP Gauge].
    • Under [Sukukaja], Yosuke's movement speed increases, allowing him to get in and confuse the opponent with very swift movement.

    Yukiko: Fire Boost Level (火炎ブースタレベル)
    • [Yukiko Amagi only]
    • Each use of the [Skill] [Fire Boost] will increase the level until it's at a maximum of level 8.
    • Each level of it will increase the damage of fire based attacks.

    Yukiko: Fire Break Gauge (火炎ガードキルゲージ)
    • [Yukiko Amagi only]
    • Gauge will appear when the [Skill] [Fire Break] is used.
    • While the [Fire Break Gauge] is active the next fire based attack from Yukiko will be unblockable.
    • The [Fire Break Gauge] will gradually go down until it hits 0 and disappears.

    Naoto: Fate Counter (運命カウンター)
    • [Naoto Shirogane only]
    • Displayed at the bottom of the opponent's [HP Gauge] next to the skull. Starts at 13 at the beginning of the match.
    • Certain moves take away various amounts away from the [Fate Counter], at 0 the skull laughs.
    • In combos, only the 1st move used to take away from the [Fate Counter] will take away from the counter. The only exception to this is [Rifle - Rank 2] and [Hold Up!] [SP Skill].
    • At 0, if [Mudoon] [+] or [Hamaon] [+] connect, the opponent will be killed regardless of how much [HP Gauge] they have (NOTE: if [Mudoon] or [Hamaon] are combo'd into, the combo must start with the [Fate Counter] at 0 for the instant kill to occur).
    • If the opponent isn't instant killed, they regain half of their missing [Fate Counter] next round (rounded up). If they are instant killed they start the next round with the full 13.
    • The list of moves that affect the counter are as follows: [+] (takes away 2), 5th shot in shooting stance (1), Hold Up! (1), Throw~C (2), [Counter Shot] (3), [Counter Shot - Revision] (2), [Megido] (3), [Rifle - Rank 2] (6)

    Akihiko: Cyclone Level (サイクロンレベル)
    • [Akihiko Sanada only]
    • Certain moves during combos (such as [Kill Rush]) will increase the gauge by one, for a total of 3 at most.
    • Based on how high the number is, certain moves (such as [Cyclone Upper]) will either get increased damage and/or new properties.
    • The number decreases very fast after the combo is finished.

    Akihiko: Charging Icon (帯電アイコン)
    • [Akihiko Sanada only]
    • Activated by using the [SP Skill] [Thunder Fist] [+/]
    • Any hit will put the opponent in [Paralysis] state.
    • Lasts until Akihiko is hit.

    Aigis: Normal Mode / Orgia Mode (通常モード/オルギアモード)
    • [Aigis only]
    • Aigis has two modes she can use, [Normal Mode] and [Orgia Mode].
    • [Orgia Mode] adds some new exclusive [Skills] such as a [Hover Dash] and [Megido].
    • You can shift freely between [Orgia Mode] and [Normal Mode] (while [Orgia Mode] still has meter) using her [Mode Change] [+/] and her [Escape Change] [+].

    Aigis: Orgia Gauge (オルギアゲージ)
    • [Aigis only]
    • While [Orgia Mode] is active, the Orgia Gauge above her SP bar will count down. It will tick down naturally, as well as tick down faster using her [Hover Dash]. Once the gauge empties, you'll be unable to go into [Orgia Mode] until it fully recovers.
    • While in [Normal Mode], [Orgia Mode] will replinish on it's own.
    Aigis: Bullet Counter (残?数)
    • [Aigis only]
    • Aigis starts every round with 120 bullets.
    • Bullets are used in a number of Aigis normals and [Skills] (+, +, +/, +/)
    • Once the [Bullet Counter] is empty you can't use her bullet moves.
    • The [Bullet Counter] will be fully restored at the start of a new round.
    Labrys: Axe Level (アックスレベル)
    • [Labrys only]
    • Labrys has a special [Axe Level], with colors corresponding to it's strength. Lvl 1 is grey, Lvl 2 is blue, Lvl 3 is green, Lvl 4 is yellow and Lvl 5 is red. The higher the level, the more damage her attacks will do.
    • The gauge will increase while you are attacking the opponent. It'll also increase when you whiff normals, but not as much. It'll decrease when you're not attacking or being attacked though.
    • If the gauge is Lvl 1 or 2, it'll automatically fill up to Lvl 3 even if you're not attacking, but at Lvl 4 and 5 it will decrease to Lvl 3 when you don't attack.
    • You can also use the gauge for Labrys' [SP Skill] [String Arts "Moujuu" D version] which will use all the [Axe Level] to increase the damage but reset it back to grey after.
    • The [Axe Level] will carry over between rounds in the state it was at the end of the last round.

    Elizabeth: Invigorate (魔力の泉)
    • [Elizabeth only]
    • Elizabeth is always under the [Invigorate] buff.
    • [Invigorate] will automatically increase your [SP Gauge] at all times, regardless of what you are doing.
    • If you use SP at all in a combo, Elizabeth will go under SP Gauge Cooldown and will gain no SP, even with [Invigorate].

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