Northeast Championships XIII - Persona 4 Arena Results

The Northeast Championships have just concluded this past weekend, thanks for everyone who attended! Here are the Persona 4 Arena Results down below:

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Persona 4 Arena

1. Kirisame (Chie Satonaka)
2. TSB|Souji (Teddie)
3. LordKnightBB (Mitsuru Kirijo)
4. SuperKawaiiDesu (Yu Narukami)
5. GC|ApologyMan (Labrys) 5. Matt Coma (Aigis)
7. DSmoove12 (Chie Satonaka)
7. ZomB (Chie Satonaka)
Grand Finals

Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) vs. TSB|Souji (Teddie) 3-0
Losers Finals

LordKnightBB (Mitsuru Kirijo) vs. TSB|Souji (Teddie) 0-2
Winners Finals

LordKnightBB (Mitsuru Kirijo) vs. Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) 0-2
Losers Semi-finals

TSB|Souji (Teddie) vs. SuperKawaiiDesu (Yu Narukami) 2-0
Top 8 Winners

LordKnightBB (Mitsuru Kirijo) vs. GC|ApologyMan (Labrys) 2-0
Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) vs. Matt Coma (Aigis) 2-0
Top 8 Losers

TSB|Souji (Teddie) vs. DSmoove12 (Chie Satonaka) 2-0
ZomB (Chie Satonaka) vs. SuperKawaiiDesu (Yu Narukami) 1-2
SuperKawaiiDesu (Yu Narukami) vs. GC|ApologyMan (Labrys) 2-0
Matt Coma (Aigis) vs. TSB|Souji (Teddie) 0-2
Congratulations to our Moderators SKD and ZomB for making it so far, and for LordKnight for taking 3rd Place! And of course, congratulations to the winner, Kirasame!