News Roundup 10/2/2012 - Seasons Beatings: Ascension P4A Results, UniB Patch, Sion, and More!

Hey guys,
It's been a while, but we have a lot of news today.

Seasons Beatings: Ascension was this past weekend, and this concludes another P4A tourney. The top 8 results are as followed:

1. Lord Knight (Mitsuru)
2. AGE|Duckator (Labrys)
3. AG|MarlinPie (Chie)
4. Emba (Elizabeth)
5. Jet M (Akihiko)
5. IFD|DJ Huoshen (Yukiko)
7. LU|Alex Valle (Akihiko)
7. Heroic Legacy (Akihiko)

If you missed any of the action, check out this top 8 playlist

In related P4A news, P4A frame data has been released on Famitsu's website

French Bread has announced an upcoming patch for UniB, that will go in effect this Thursday. So far, the patch is meant to adjust the chain shift system mechanic. It will fix things such as the Linne Infinite.

In related UniB news; Here Comes a New Challenger!
Sion, from Melty Blood, has joined the ranks of UniB!
We are unsure of the role she'll play in UniB, but it'll be interesting to see, in the coming months.

Lastly, Persona 4 Golden has been confirmed for November 20, 2012, in the US.