News Roundup 4/27/2012 - P4A update details and story videos!

Welcome to yet another news roundup! Today, we have details on Persona 4: Arena's update, and some videos from it's story mode! To start off, Arc System Works released the details on Persona 4: Arena's update, listing all the changes the cast is getting. The changes are as follows: System changes: 1. At the end of a round, you won't get meter off more than 3 hits in a comb... read more

News Roundup 4/26/2012 - Devil Summoner on 3DS, and trailers for P4G and P2EPP!

Hello, and welcome today's news roundup! Today we have some new trailers and some news on a remake of an older SMT title. First off, Atlus has revealed that they'll be remaking Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers for the 3DS. The remake will include voice acting, new battle animations, faster load times, and a new opening movie by Satelight. You can view some screenshots of the game he... read more

Video Roundup: 4/26/2012

Welcome to another video roundup! Today's videos: P4U: 4/16 Game Chariot Ranbats ( P4U: 4/16 Game Chariot Matches ( P4U 4/21 Sendai 3on3 Tournament ( P4U 4/22 Sannomiya Singles Tournament ( P4U 4/21... read more

News Roundup 4/22/2012 - More P4A story details and more P2:EPP details!

Welcome to today's news roundup! Today we have more details about Persona 4: Arena's story, and some more info on Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Portable. First off, Famitsu has released more screenshots of Persona 4: Arena's console release and some more story details, saying that the story begins with Yu seeing his friends acting strange on the Midnight Channel. It also specifi... read more

News Roundup 4/19/2012 - Shadow Labrys, P4A Special Editions, and more!

Welcome to yet another news roundup! Today we have additional details on Persona 4: Arena's console release, Shadow Labrys is unleashed, and Persona 4: Golden. . . bags? Shadow Labrys is now available for use on Persona 4: Arena arcades! And there's already these 2 videos displaying what she can do below: read more

News Roundup 4/18/2012 - JP P4A console release details, and new P4G videos!

Welcome to another news roundup! For today, we have Japanese console release details, and some more videos for Persona 4: Golden. To begin, Famitsu has revealed that the Japanese console release for Persona 4: Arena is set for August 2nd. Reserving the game gets you an OST CD as a freebie as well. What this might mean for us in North America is that if the placeholder date of Au... read more

Video Roundup: 4/17/2012

Welcome to the grand return of video roundups! FYI: the links now lead to the first video of a set instead of the playlist for the set. P4U: 4/15 Playland R Tournament ( P4U: 4/14 Fukushima Super Nova ( P4U 4/15 Amipara Tottori Singles ( P4U... read more

News Roundup 4/12/2012 - P4A update rumors and new P4G screenshots!

Welcome to today's news roundup! Today, we have a very interesting rumor that's related to Persona 4: Arena, and some more screenshots for Persona 4: Golden. Apparently, some are saying that there will be a Persona 4: Arena "Version Up" this May for the arcade version. ( What exactly this may be, no on... read more

Mayonaka Midnight x Dustloop

Mayonaka Midnight is proud to announce its affiliation with Dustloop! This partnership will help in growing an even bigger community for the upcoming Persona 4: Arena and already great, Blazblue. Hopefully, this is just one of many friendships Mayonaka Midnight can make with the rest of the FGC.

Editorial: The Fighting Game Communities Mentality

Hey guys, so I'm here writing a bit of a blog I guess, over a few things I'm feeling, and some things I just want to talk about. The subject? The fighting game player mentality, or more over, we community as a whole. Now before I get into it, I just want to state a little about myself, I'm new to the fighting game community, I've gone to a Smash Bros tournament or two, but that's a... read more