News Roundup 10/2/2012 - Seasons Beatings: Ascension P4A Results, UniB Patch, Sion, and More!

Hey guys, It's been a while, but we have a lot of news today. Seasons Beatings: Ascension was this past weekend, and this concludes another P4A tourney. The top 8 results are as followed: 1. Lord Knight (Mitsuru) 2. AGE|Duckator (Labrys) 3. AG|MarlinPie (Chie) 4. Emba (Elizabeth) 5. Jet M (Akihiko) 5. IFD|DJ Huoshen (Yukiko) 7. LU|Alex Valle (Akihiko) 7. Heroic Legacy... read more

News Roundup 9/1/2012 - P4G's Special Edition, UNIB's release date, and more!

Atlus have revealed the Solid Gold Premium Edition of Persona 4: Golden! Priced at $69.99, it comes with the game (obviously), a Hori hard pouch and face cover, protective Vita skin with wallpapers, and stickers! An image for it is below: Next, UNiB has been given an official arcade release da... read more

Persona 4 Arena is LIVE IN NORTH AMERICA

I've you've been living under a rock, today's the day that Persona 4 Arena hit North/South American Shelves! Those who've bought day one, how are you liking the game? Post your thoughts down below! In other news, the Norcal 24 Hour Persona 4 Arena Charity stream is still going strong, head on over to Finestko's Twitch Stream ( for all the action! They'r... read more

Persona 4: Arena EVO stream and NorCal release date charity tournament + stream!

As you might know, Persona 4: Arena has been playable at EVO. Xie contacted Atlus and has been streaming Persona 4: Arena in between tournament matches for games like Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Melty Blood, and more. His stream is here (, and he's (tentatively) scheduled to begin streaming Persona 4: Arena after Gundam. Many thanks to Xie for all his hard work to ... read more

News Roundup 7/7/2012 - P4A's region locking and moves videos for the P3 characters!

In a decision that has had quite the negative response from fans, Atlus has decided to region lock every region's version of Persona 4: Arena on the normally region lock-free PS3. They released the following statement explaining their decision: Friends of ATLUS, The last week brought with it news that Persona 4 Arena would effectively become the first PlayStation 3 syste... read more

News Roundup 6/26/2012 - P4A at MLG, P4A playable in UK, and P4A DLC details!

There has been a push for Persona 4: Arena to be at MLG as of late. If you want Persona 4: Arena to have a successful tournament scene (and if you don't, GET OFF THIS SITE!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE ANYWAYS??? :v:) be sure to check out Lord Knight's thread here ( and be sure to sign the petition here ( read more

News Roundup 6/19/2012 - More P4A story info, P4A NA pre-order details, and P4's 2nd stage show!

Atlus has revealed videos and screenshots showing off the stories of Naoto and Teddie in Persona 4: Arena. Naoto is investigating Mitsuru and the Kirijo Group and gets contacted from an employee there that knows about Personas. Teddie is in the TV world when he meets Labrys, and decides to be her "knight". View the screenshots here ( read more

News Roundup 6/11/2012 - A P3 movie, another E3 interview, and P4A's trophies/achievements!

Persona 3 is getting a movie! At the end of Persona 4 -the Factor of Hope- movie, reports say that Persona 3's protagonist appears, puts his Evoker against his head, and pulls the trigger, which is accompanied by a note saying that a Persona 3 movie is on the way. No other details available for this at this time. Back on the subject of E3, Aram Jabbari of Atlus USA (https://twit... read more

News Roundup 6/8/2012 - E3 edition and more!

As you probably already know, E3 was happening these past 3 days. Atlus went and showed off Persona 4: Arena and Persona 4: Golden to people there. Atlus sent Aram Jabbari (!/aramjabbari) to E3 to demonstrate and explain the games to people. He showed off the games and was interviewed by PlayStation, IGN, and GameSpot. The GameSpot interview is here (http://e3.... read more

News Roundup 6/5/2012 - P4A's English trailer and official NA release date!

Welcome to today's news roundup! Atlus USA has released some goodies for those of us who are looking forward to Persona 4: Arena. The first being an official release date of August 7th, 2012 for North America. Next, they've also shown their first official English Trailer! You can hear the English cast for the Persona 4 characters in it. View it below: read more