Updated: MM Vlog #8 - P4A:EVO!!! Persona 4 Arena added to Evo 2013's lineup!

As the title states, Persona 4 Arena has a date with destiny. On July 12-14, 2013, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, P4A will make its debut on the grand stage of the Evolution Championship Series Tournament! This is an annual world tournament that celebrates fighting games and draws competition from all over the world! Persona 4 Arena making it to EVO marks its biggest tournament. It is highly recommended that we, the P4A community, come out and support our game. We need to make some noise and put on a grand show!

For more information, check out EVO's official website

MM's 8th vlog has been released! It mainly covers P4A being at EVO, a little history of EVO, and a novel you may be interested in. You can find Vlog #8 here.
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