News Roundup 9/1/2012 - P4G's Special Edition, UNIB's release date, and more!

Atlus have revealed the Solid Gold Premium Edition of Persona 4: Golden! Priced at $69.99, it comes with the game (obviously), a Hori hard pouch and face cover, protective Vita skin with wallpapers, and stickers! An image for it is below:

Next, UNiB has been given an official arcade release date - 9/20! Look forward to a surge of information once the date has arrived.

Also, part of the English dub cast for has been officially announced, though for the rest of the cast Sentai Filmworks still says the game's cast is returning. The partial list announced is:
- Johnny Yong Bosch
- Yuri Lowenthal
- Erin Fitzgerald
- Amanda Winn Lee
- Karen Strassman
- Sam Riegel
- Michelle Ann Dunphy
- Troy Baker

Finally, Atlus released a trailer for SMT4. Watch it below:
ReplyAustin_QED says:
Pretty sure the "golden" part of The Golden is after P4A, considering what I've seen from screenshots.
ReplyYoyoenix91 says:
What I would like to know is if the additions in P4G's story are considered canon, or is it just treated like P3P's female route? As far as I've seen, P4A's plot doesn't really seem to reference anything in P4G... I could be wrong though. Not sure!