News Roundup 6/26/2012 - P4A at MLG, P4A playable in UK, and P4A DLC details!

There has been a push for Persona 4: Arena to be at MLG as of late. If you want Persona 4: Arena to have a successful tournament scene (and if you don't, GET OFF THIS SITE!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE ANYWAYS??? ) be sure to check out Lord Knight's thread here and be sure to sign the petition here.

Next, if you live in England and want another chance to play Persona 4: Arena, you'll have an opportunity to do so on July 1st. The game will be playable at London Anime Con. Details are available here.

Finally, Atlus has revealed what some of the DLC for Persona 4: Arena will be. There will be alternate character colors, alternate glasses colors (which means it seems that there will be some glasses colors available on-disc), battle announcers (like how Rise is), and menu announcers. No news on if there will be DLC characters yet.

ReplyMLGCarlos says:
This is looking like a real possibility for MLG Dallas. Everyone please be patient for upcomming announcements. :-)
ReplyMLGCarlos says:
This is looking to be more of a possibility for Dallas more and more every day.
ReplyMLGCarlos says:

ReplyMLGCarlos says:
::: Evil Laugh ::: I know something but I can't say anything.
ReplyK KooKraft says:
Ryotaro should be DLC
ReplyRonman says:
I want Rise as a DLC character!!!!
ReplyNaoto says:
DLC Persona's anyone?
ReplyMizoke24 says:
I agree with Mokyun. Bring Minato to the Midnight Arena! o:
ReplyMokyun says:
Minato for DLC! >:3