News Roundup 6/19/2012 - More P4A story info, P4A NA pre-order details, and P4's 2nd stage show!

Atlus has revealed videos and screenshots showing off the stories of Naoto and Teddie in Persona 4: Arena. Naoto is investigating Mitsuru and the Kirijo Group and gets contacted from an employee there that knows about Personas. Teddie is in the TV world when he meets Labrys, and decides to be her "knight". View the screenshots here, and the videos below.



Next, Atlus USA has released a picture of Persona 4: Arena's North American boxart. What do you think of it?

Also, Atlus USA has announced that pre-ordering Persona 4: Arena will get you a soundtrack with arranged versions of some of the character themes. No tracklist has been revealed yet.

Next up, Atlus USA has shown an advanced tutorial video with Mitsuru as the teacher for Persona 4: Arena. View it below:

In addition to Rise, you can have Mitsuru and Teddie announce for you as battles go on in Persona 4: Arena. These are now available in the arcade version, but no word yet on whether these will be unlockables or DLC for the console version.

Finally, the first one must have been a success of some sort, because Marvelous AQL (creators of Rune Factory and Senran Kagura) made a second play based off Persona 4 called Persona 4 Visualive the Evolution. Will this one will include Naoto unlike the previous one? Well, we'll find out when it runs October 3-9 at Shinigawa's Galaxy Theatre. It's music is done by Shoji Meguro.

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Sweet. >:3 Preordering this.
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not like i wasn't gonna pre order it before but this makes me want to even more