News Roundup 6/11/2012 - A P3 movie, another E3 interview, and P4A's trophies/achievements!

Persona 3 is getting a movie! At the end of Persona 4 -the Factor of Hope- movie, reports say that Persona 3's protagonist appears, puts his Evoker against his head, and pulls the trigger, which is accompanied by a note saying that a Persona 3 movie is on the way. No other details available for this at this time.

Back on the subject of E3, Aram Jabbari of Atlus USA did another interview, this time with Machinima. View it below:

Also, the non-secret trophies/achievements for Persona 4: Arena have been revealed. View them here.

ReplyK KooKraft says:
that is the best part of any video game ever
ReplyKuro says:
Seems like I'm out to buy the psn version of Persona 3 to know what's going on. I been very curious about all the kids shooting themselves in their face and wondered about most of their reactions.
ReplyMokyun says:
Sweet! P3 Movie! T_T Im in tears now...
ReplyCBankotsuMKII says:
Complete Score Attack with all Characters...Complete every single Challenge...

I guess I won't be able to complete this game after all