Persona 5 Confirmed! Adachi Joins The Fight in Persona 4: Ultimax! Persona Q! Persona 4 Dancing All Night!

If you guys watched the Persona livestream on Nico Video, or the restreams on, or kept up with social media, you all know what has been announced and confirmed. For starters, Adachi Tohru, one of the main antagonists in Persona 4 has been revealed in Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold! We don't know his role in the story, but we do know that he is supposed to be ... read more

New Persona 4 Arena Trailer! Sho Minazuki!

Katsu here, and what an amazing piece of news to wake up to! (better than waking up to seeing the site got hacked, but I digress) *ahem*, anyway a new P4C, or rather Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold! As ridiculous as the title sounds, it looks like the game is anything but. Not only alongside Junpei and Yukari, but we got ourselves a brand new character! Check below: ht... read more

Sega wins auction to purchase Index Holdings, parent company of Atlus!! [UPDATE]

Well, it looks like the bid for Index Holdings, parent company of Atlus, has come to an end. Just recently, it's been announced that Sega won the auction with a bid of 14 Billion yen. However, the deal won't be finalized till November. What does this mean for the future of SMT and Persona? We shall see how this business arrangement turns out. What do you guys think of Sega purchasi... read more

MM Vlog #9 - Climactic Crossover!!!

Hey everyone and welcome to Mayonaka Midnight's 9th Vlog! In this Vlog, we cover the recently announced Persona 4 Arena update, Persona 4 Arena Climax!!! Also, we're gonna talk about a dream crossover in Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. This is our longest Vlog to date and I, Glenburg, worked very hard on the video presentation. We had lots of fun recording this Vlog, so hope you ... read more

Persona 4 Arena Update Confirmed!!! - Yukari and Junpei!!!

Yes, this is no lie. Persona 4 Arena will be having an update! This isn't just an ordinary update, it is a brand new game! Junpei and Yukari will join the ranks of the other Persona users! Also, there will be shadow versions of characters, new stages, balance changes, new system changes, etc. There is currently a loketest, in Japan, going from August 16-18. With Twitter being a gre... read more

EVO 2013: Persona 4 Arena Results

P4A's first ever EVO tournament has come to an end. With an amazing turnout of 400 participants, it was definitely the biggest P4A US tournament to date! Congrats to everyone that placed and hopefully P4A lives on, after EVO. Results: 1. Yume (Aigis) 2. LordKnight (Mitsuru) 3. BananaKen (Shadow Labrys) 4. BrkrDave (Teddie) 5. Stunedge (Yukiko) 5. Die-chan (Mitsuru) 7. Spa... read more

Index Corporation files for Civil Rehabilitation Bankruptcy. Atlus up for grabs.

As the title states, Index has filed for Japanese Civil Rehabilitation Bankruptcy. Index is about 24.5 billion yen (about US$250 million) in debts. What this means is Index is seeking a sponsor(s) as quickly as possible to transfer its business operations and maintain their value. Also, that Atlus is up for grabs. Many fans believe that Nintendo will pick up Atlus, because many At... read more

Updated: MM Vlog #8 - P4A:EVO!!! Persona 4 Arena added to Evo 2013's lineup!

As the title states, Persona 4 Arena has a date with destiny. On July 12-14, 2013, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, P4A will make its debut on the grand stage of the Evolution Championship Series Tournament! This is an annual world tournament that celebrates fighting games and draws competition from all over the world! Persona 4 Arena making it to EVO marks its biggest tourn... read more

Northeast Championships XIII - Persona 4 Arena Results

The Northeast Championships have just concluded this past weekend, thanks for everyone who attended! Here are the Persona 4 Arena Results down below: Persona 4 Arena 1. Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) 2. TSB|Souji (Teddie) 3. LordKnightBB (Mitsuru Kirijo) 4. SuperKawaiiDesu (Yu Narukami) 5. GC|ApologyMan (Labrys) 5. Matt Coma (Aigis) 7. DSmoove12 (Chie Satonaka) 7. ZomB (Ch... read more

10/17/2012 - ATLUS Fighting Championships!

Katsu here with an interesting peace of news, Atlus USA and Level|Up are teaming together to host an Atlus Fighting Game Tournament on the 17th of November titled 'The Atlus Fighitng Championships', starring The King of Fighters XIII, and of course, Persona 4: Arena! Here are the details below: Level|Up Presents ATLUS Fighting Championships Level|Up is teaming up wi... read more